The Ultimate Anti-Glare
Day & Night Visor
For Safer Driving
The Ultimate Anti-Glare
Day & Night Visor
For Safer Driving
Discover HD Vision Visor Which Will Revolutionize Your Driving Experience At Day & Night!
Introducing HD Vision Visor!
HD Vision Visor clips on to any sun visor in seconds. With just a flip of your finger, your vision can go from ordinary to extraordinary. You won’t believe the color, clarity and contrast that you can only get from high definition lenses. Driving even in blinding sunlight becomes comfortable with HD Vision Visor.
When you get HD Vision Visor, you’ll also get the amazing Night Vision Lens. It brightens your vision while reducing harsh nighttime glare. Driving at night becomes so much safer because the glare from oncoming vehicles won’t bother you. It also reduces the glare from streetlights and street signs.

How does it work?
HD Vision Visor's secret is a clear polycarbonate specially tinted to diffuse strong sunlight and glare and reduce headlight glare at night. It’s simple, easy, and requires no special tools or batteries. It works on any car, truck, or caravan as long as you have a visor already installed. 
2 in 1 Vision Visor
The Hd Vision visor avoids sun glare stabbed shot to ease eyestrain. This is ideal for people who are more susceptible to glare. Also HD Visor Visor relieves eye fatigue and effectively protects the safety of driving under the strong light during night.
Eyes Comfort
HD vision visor avoids sun glare stabbed shot to ease eyestrain. This is ideal for people who are more susceptible to glare. The visor relieves eye fatigue and effectively protects the safety of driving under the strong light. The car visor filters the armful light; reducing light pollution caused by eye diseases and protects the visual health.
Easy to Install
Hd vision visor is very quick and easy to install; just clip it onto your overhead visor. You can easily adjust its position. The visors can be adjusted by rotating 180 degree to accommodate your needs.
Be Safe and Comfortable in Driving!
 Frequently Asked Questions
Will HD Vision Visor fit my car?
The visor has an adjustable attachment to fit over any size sun visor that is already in your car.
If I’m driving all day and need to use both visors, do I need to flip the position of the HD Visor?
No you don’t. Install the device according to the instructions provided and you can use the relevant visor required at any given time by flipping the daytime lens towards the windshield.
What is the HD Visor made from?
Both HD Visors are made from 100% tinted polycarbonate plastic.
Which visor should I use for the daytime?
The orange visor is best suited for the daytime and the yellow visor is ideal for night-time.
How should I clean the HD Vision Visor?
The HD Vision Visor should not be cleaned with solvents (such as glass or surface cleaners). A mild solution of soap and water may be used. Or the product may be wiped gently with a clean cloth. Cleaners made for acrylics may be used according to their instructions.
Customer Reviews
Just Love it!
LOVE THE PRODUCT.. i have a suburban and i cant wear sunglasses because i have regular glasses on. With these i dont have to worry aobut that.. it actually comes down enough so that i could see even with a sun glare. also driving at night it minimized the circles around the headlights.. it has been a big issue when the cars headlights make a circle and it puts a strain on my part is if you don't want to use it you could just put it back up and it will be out of the way...
Esra Sampsons 
Verified Purchase
Extremely helpful visor
This works perfectly for my needs. I am not very tall, and sometimes the car visor is just not low enough to block the sun from my face which does not only make my driving more difficult but dangerous. This take care of that issue once and for all. This is very easy to install as it is adjustable.  This car visor has two separate shades depending on your needs, it has a dark smokey one for daytime and a yellow one for nighttime driving, both have worked great for me so far.
Russell Schaffer
Verified Purchase
Where has this been all my life??
This visor is great. It did install easily and it sure works. I have glasses so I can't wear sunglasses, and this visor really is like I am wearing sunglasses. It takes the bright rays of the sun right out and there is no glare on the roads from the sun. And the yellow night visor is down right amazing! It brightens everything up. I can see the deer so much faster with this. This is a huge help when driving! I will not be without this in my car...especially for the price!
Jeannie M.
Verified Purchase
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